Meet Lawrence Inman


Lifestyle & Prep Coach

Lawrence Inman is a fitness guru and creator of Break My 5th Law Fitness whom is based out of Be Health Conscious Complex. Fitness coach Lawrence specializes in guiding individuals and groups through lifestyle changes that help clients achieve their health and fitness goals. He does this by providing a unique exercise regiment and creating personalized meal plans that consist of healthy options and quantities.


" Break my 5th Law simply explains my theory of working towards becoming a healthier individual inside and out.  As a trainer I will begin your fitness journey with you, to encourage you and help you have the vision of your desired goals.  However and most importantly, it is up to the individual to see that vision for themselves and to hold themselves accountable for their actions.


Each individual’s goals are different and therefore will require a different set of standards and discipline. Once it is realized that your results may not be the same as the next person’s results, you will become more focused and driven achieving your own personal goals. That being said, no one can stop “YOU” for becoming the person you envision in your head. All you need is drive, determinations and ambition to become the person you want to see in the mirror".